XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat review

The Colorado XT pontoon is a successful attempt to push fishing to the extremes of fun.  It amazes me what man can do to get something they like.

Sometimes we are ready to part with a hefty amount of cash, but in this case, it does not call extravagance and for those who do not have the case the pain of having the pure desire of a commodity you cannot afford.

You cannot use all of the amazing features that this pontoon comes with, if you can, then well they are at your disposal. With the Colorado XT pontoon, I get maximum comfort and control. It takes me wherever I want to go.

The next time you think a particular spot offers the best potential for making the best out of your trip, the pontoon will give you control and power to get there. You will no longer have to leave behind some of your gears anymore once you get yourself the XT Colorado.


Colorado XT pontoon will comfortably take in 400 pounds. I do not want to imagine the complication that will make you weigh such that you can have yourself drowning.  The pontoon can handle my weight plus the catch without a problem.

No one can convince me that purchasing the boat is not one of my most wise courses of action. Also, it has two removable side pockets that you can access while still in the seating position as these pockets have close spacing.

Durable construction

Having a tough powder coated steel frame you have assurance on durability. Water does not seem to pose much danger in terms on abrasion. Apparently, you will at some time need to put the boat on hard surfaces; well do not worry as it will not leave any marking thanks to the heavy duty, abrasion resistant PVC bottom.


The Colorado pontoon boat comes with several accessories that make life easier for you. Whenever I need to carry my favorite cup of coffee with me, there are two insulated cup holders at my service.

You can also carry your favorite refreshment with you and remember they are two holders if one is not enough.  Also, there are two detachable foam fly patches. Also, it has a six position fishing rod holder.


This pontoon boat comes with some pedals. I prefer using the motor. It is a good practice thought to carry the pedals with you even though you are using the motor; there is always a chance that the motor will go dead on you.

In such a case I do not panic or bother people calling for help. The pedals help me get my way home. You can also use the pedals as a matter of choice let alone when the motor fails. If after the purchase you cannot afford the motor just yet you can still make the trips.


It is clear that since this pontoon boat uses inflatable to keep it floating. After the fishing all you need is to deflate it and it goes back to a compact size in comparison to when it inflates.  After doing this, I shove it on the back of my SUV and gets on my way home.

Also, the fact that you mount and easily unmounts the motor makes it very portable. If the motor comes fixed, it would add so much weight.

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  • 400 pounds capacity
  • Motor mount
  • Abrasion resistant PVC bottom
  • Tough powder coated steel tube frame
  • Removable storage bags
  • Six position fishing rod holder


  • Registration cab be such an issue
  • Require delicate monitoring of the pressure to avoid excess pressure


Q: Does this boat come with a motor?

A: NO, but it features a place to mount the motor.

Q: Can I use this boat for just cruising around?

A: Definitely, why not!

Q: Can the wheel handle any trail?

A: Yeah but it calls for an extra hand.

Final Verdict

Tell me about a pontoon boat that meets all your requirements, either for just cruising in the waters or for fishing and this XT Colorado will win the battle.

It will not have you to swim in case of bad weather as the stability is incredible. You should make this Colorado XT your lifetime partner.

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