Sea Eagle Geen 375fc Fold Cat Fishing Boat Review

If you consider going fishing with a partner, Foldcat is the best choice if you do not want to regret later. As for me, I always tag along with my brother who is more than fun to hang out with.

Sea Eagle Green 375FC Inflatable Boat Review

The romantic couples would also choose to go fishing together, and the Sea Eagle is what I advise them to go for. When I’m out for a fishing trip, my aim is to catch as many fish as possible since it makes the task worth it. Sea Eagle, as its name suggests, enables you to reach the fish in their hiding places without much hustle.

Relieving, isn’t it? Most people get disappointed when they go fishing and end up with little or no fish. With the Sea Eagle, you will catch more fish, and you might even think of selling some if maybe you do not have proper storage facilities.


The Sea Eagle has a folding flame which makes it easy to set up, pack and even store. Its full floor is also unique since most inflatable boats have a frame in the middle with no floor.

The wide pontoons enhance buoyancy and their spacing ensures the boat is stable for security. Swivel seats are of high quality as one can even swivel around. There are four-rod holders that can rotate up to 360 degrees

Two carry bags are available to pack the Foldcat for easier transportation. Other accessories include a motor mount, river oar set, repair kit and a casting bar.

Excellent Speed

A slow boat is not the best choice for someone conversant with fishing. You will want one that will dart from one place to another in the shortest time possible so as to maximize the chances of catching more fish. Handling a slow boat is not any good is you ask me. Experience has taught me better.

Foldcat has a reliable speed of 13kph w/gas, 6kph w/electric which most boats do not provide. This speed will enable you to cover a large area in a short period. Your motivation will also be at per with speed, you know.

Construction Quality

Do you consider yourself a person who finds it a little hard to handle machines with much care? If yes, this is the boat for you. Some fair harm to it can be with withstood. The boat is always carefully tested to assure the user of quality. Tears are repairable using the provided repair kit.

A three-year warranty is guaranteed and 180-day risk-free trial where you can return the boat to the company for a refund if you are not satisfied with it. So, once you purchase one, make sure it is in good condition especially within the 180 days just in case you are dissatisfied.

Setup And Portability

Although it might take you long to set the boat up, your experience with it will make you forget that. Do not feel inferior as one improves as they interact more with this machine. I am sure you have had such an experience earlier.

For portability, there are two bags available where you can pack up the boat after deflating it. This makes it easier to set it in the car for transportation. Carrying it by yourself can be quite stressful since it is somehow heavy.

Package Options

The Foldcat has four package options that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. They include 375fc Deluxe package, 375fc Pro Angler Guide package, 375fc Motor package and 375fc Ultimate package. These packages will tend to all your needs, and all you have to do is choose the one that suits you.

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  • Very stable
  • Great accessory options
  • Very stylish seats
  • Lightweight


  • Bulky for one person to carry


Q: What load capacity can it carry?

A: It can carry up to 650lbs.

Q: How long is the boat?

A: It is not too long. 12′ 3″ To be precise.

Final Verdict

The Foldcat offers the most exclusive fishing experience for two. Its quality is upscale with comfortable seats, appealing features and convenience that makes it more fun to use. How about you go for a remarkable fishing day with your spouse or even a friend maybe for those who are not engaged?  Foldcat is what you should settle on.

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