Colorado XTS Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

Do you wish to get yourself a high-toned fishing boat at a very pocket-friendly price? I did not break a bone neither did I forego any meal to purchase my Colorado XTS. This boat is one of a kind, from its aesthetic appearance to its flawless functionality.

Classic Accessories Colorado XTS Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat

You do not have to struggle so much in the river or ocean when doing your fishing. Colorado XTS will fulfill your expectations and maybe get you addicted to fishing. The first time I took my XTS to the river was worthwhile. So, swift and fun to use. Do not let anyone lie to you that there is a boat that can outdo this one.

Ask me I will tell you. I’m ever honest. Fishing gets better when your machine performs at your pace. This is enough motivation for a perfect day in the waters.

Attractive Appearance

To most people, the outward appearance is a consideration when it comes to purchasing most items. Take a boat for example, with colors that blend well with the water, breathtaking, right? Everyone will keep eyes on you as you paddle across the waters.

If you need a beautiful boat that will earn you more than enough stares, settle on the Colorado XTS and you will live to remember it. I can even lend you mine for a day if you are within my residential and trust me it will make you buy your own soonest possible.


Colorado XTS is automatically an outstanding boat with great features. They include heavy-duty pontoons, 20 pockets and two insulated drink holders, two-position motor mount, battery platform, wire rear storage, rod holder, PVC bottom and nylon tops, two-position integrated anchor system bladder patch kit among others.

I cannot put down all the features on paper. It will take up all the space for other things you need to know as well. Some might even get bored going through all the features. Too much is always poisonous.


You cannot overlook this boat without noticing its size. Its length is 9 feet while its width lies at about 5 feet. It can handle individual up to 350 pounds without fear of capsizing. The frame is very strong and durable as it is made of powder coated steel.

The pontoons are abrasion resistant while the bladders are heat and cold resistant. The bladders zippers have an internal flap to prevent them from snagging.

Seams are made from rot-resistant thread to make them durable. The swivel seats are well padded and can be adjusted forward or backward for comfort. There are two-foot rests that can also be adjusted to accommodate different heights.

Undisputable Functionality

If you want to get to your desired destination in your fishing experience, think about purchasing Colorado XTS boat. It’s speed is satisfying considering it has the top most gears endowed in it.

The storage available will be enough to keep all your necessities including some packed lunch to keep you from munches. You should also ensure there is a drink in the drink holder.

The rod holders can be mounted on six different positions; therefore, you can adjust them to the position that suits you best. This makes the fishing more engaging when you are trying out which angle is best for you.

Portability And Set Up

Assembling all these features of the Colorado XTS can be time-consuming but worth it. Who doesn’t know that the more the awesome features, the classier the machine? So, take your time and enjoy this experience. If you reside near the fishing area, you might decide not to pack it and leave it set up.

Colorado XTS can be quite heavy to carry by yourself but if you are strong enough, why not take the challenge? If you own a truck, you are better off since it will be very easy to transport it to your house.

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  • Enough storage space
  • Very stable
  • Very comfortable
  • Reliable speed


  • Takes long to set up due to the many features


Q: What material is the frame made of?

A:  It is made of steel.

Q: How hard is the boat to row in a little wind?

A:  It’s not hard as long as it is not your first time on the oars.

Final Verdict

Deciding to make your fishing serious can be tricky because there are quite some challenges that you will face. If you are the lighthearted type, you will give up especially when you make the wrong choice of a fishing boat.

Fulfill your desire, and you can also make your folks drool over your machine by purchasing the plush Colorado XTS Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat.

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