10 Best Water Shoes For 2022 – Reviews and Guideline

Men remain adventurous by nature, but those who engage in water sports or enjoy spending time in water are faced with a hard decision. It is difficult for them to decide whether to buy water sandals or water shoes. Water sandals may be cheaper but do they offer more than a water shoe? The major difference between the two is that a water shoe offers feet and toe protection. A water shoe is basically a shoe designed to offer support, traction, and protection for water lovers. They should be a priority for anyone who spends a lot of time engaging in water sports. Find out why you need to get a pair of water shoes, and the best water shoes that suit your preference. Also, get to read ten of our best-recommended water shoes as well as their reviews.

Types of Water Foot Wears

Water foot wears are of four types and each type has its own use. They are:

1. ​Water sandals
2. Water shoes
3. Wet shoes
4. Boat shoes

Why Buy Water Shoes?

Foot care- your feet contribute to your overall body health. It is important we take care of our feet and water shoes help us. With water shoes, your feet are protected from bumps, spikes, and abrasions. These shoes also protect your feet from hard shells and sharp objects that may be on the ground. Also, all water shoes are designed in a way that the toe is covered. Thus, your toes stay protected and so do your toe nails. Moreover, your feet remain protected from hot rocks say when hiking.

Traction- water shoes offer a tight grip that keeps you safe or steady on the slippery ground or wet rocks. Imagine what would happen if you accidentally slide on a wet surface and hit your head on a rock. Slip- on shoes may be great when spending time at the beach but while wading in water select a shoe that offers support.

Quick to dry- water shoes are made in a way that allows them to dry faster making the suitable to buy otherwise we would all go for hikes with canvas. This is what makes them stand out among other shoes such as boots that you could also go adventuring with.

Light-weight- When having your moments wading in water or hiking, you could be slowed down by heavy shoes. Water shoes drain fast and are light saving your energy and making the experience fun.

They are versatile. Besides proving useful to various water engaged uses such as swimming and hiking, they can also be used on land

Odor- most of the water shoes are odor free. As a minor, as it may seem, it makes a large difference. Imagine if you were wearing boots in the summer all day long in a hike. Would your boots be odorless when you get them off? I doubt.

Comfort- water shoes provide comfort as well as proper temperature for your feet. When your feet run too cold, the circulatory system could be affected and it may pose danger to your health. Water shoes insulate your feet by quickly draining the water keeping your feet warm.


They do not account for cold seasons. Water shoes are breathable and comfortable serving best for the summer to keep your feet dry. But in cold seasons, you are bound to get wet and your water shoes will not be of much help against that.

Difficult to get into them and out of them- there are harder to put on than normal shoes but easier than normal athletic shoes.

Costly when compared to water sandals. The prices, however, vary according to the shoe size, design, and style.

Limited choice- Water shoes are not highly demanded, hence making most of the manufacturers fear to venture in the business. As a result, fewer water shoes are made making the variety from which you could choose on less.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Water Shoes

Toe Guard- all water shoes should have a closed toe design. This is the main difference between a water shoe and water sandal. This should be your first area of interest.

Material- the material should be light and prevent the growth of molds. Leather has for long been a mark of quality for most people. However, you should be cautious since leather absorbs water and without proper drying, it is most likely going to break down.

Quality- you can easily tell the quality of the shoe by checking its stitches and how they feel. If the edges are rough and the stitches irregular than that depicts low quality.

Drainage and ventilation- choose a shoe with a proper drainage strategy. Shoes with less drainage are most likely to make your feet squishy. With proper ventilation, you will be in a position to overcome foot problems and odor too.

Sole. How thick the sole is should be a point of interest. Your water shoe should have a thick sole to ensure there is no poking when you step on sharp objects. Also, a thick sole plays a role in durability. Lastly, the traction power of a thick sole outdoes that of a thin sole.

Heel Reinforcement - serves as an extra layer of protection. It protects your heel against friction that could result in blisters. A heel reinforcement should be soft and flexible, preferably neoprene, which also serves as an insulator.

The use of the water shoe

Kayaking- Choose a shoe that will best serve your type of kayaking. You should go for a shoe that provides traction and protection for whitewater kayaking. For vacation, a water shoe that dries quickly will do.

Fishing- the shoe you pick should be dependent on your position. Will you be fishing while standing? Then you should consider the traction before anything else.

Hiking- Water shoes remain the best pick when hiking since besides breathability, they dry quickly. When your feet get wet they get softer and become easier to get blisters. You should consider the shoe's traction and protection.

Having bought your water shoe, when do you put it on?

  •  Going for water sports
  •  Fishing
  •  Hiking
  •  Boating
  •  Aquatic exercises
  •  Swimming in places other than the pool
  •  Tubing

Our 10 Pick Best Water Shoes

1. Merrel Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

Merrell has a reputation of making high-quality shoes and that prompted my purchase. I am somewhat water phobic. I don’t have trouble crossing streams but I feel uncomfortable swimming or going fishing in a boat. I prefer spending time hiking or going for leisure walks, so I bought them for hiking. I was looking for a comfortable light shoe that would protect my toes and feet and at the same time offer stability through its traction. I also needed a shoe that would drain and dry fast and at the same time offer breathability.

I ordered the shoe in my exact size and it fit in perfectly fine. The shoe is true to size no doubt and is easy to put on them on and take them off. Their color combination is also great. Its traction did the trick and I had fun hopping on the slippery rocks. They are light and comfortable too. We crossed few streams and I was amazed at how quick the shoes drained and dried. The arch support is on point. I bought them for the hike and now I use them for almost all adventures. The only problem is that the shoe lacks an adjustable heel an issue only for those who prefer extra comfort. Also, pebbles get in easily and you have to keep getting them out.


They are water proof hence durable. Moreover, you get to feel the terrain for a better experience. Their light-weight makes them ideal since less energy is spent. The shoe has a stretcher collar made of Lycra neoprene making it easy to put them on and slide them off

Its lacing system, Bungee, makes it easy to quickly adjust your laces as you continue walking or hiking. Antimicrobial agents are present on the sole lining making them smell free.

The shoes also suit casual dressing and also have a protective toe bumper. The shoes offer comfort due to the uni ply midsole Moreover, they are tight-fitting. They offer great support and breathing for your feet.


Not suitable for those looking for strong arch support. Also, there may be flaws in the shoes from faulty manufacturing machines.

After wearing for some time, the shoe expands and tightening using the lacing system may fail to be effective

2. Adidas Outdoor Men's Climacool Boat, Lace Water Shoe

I have never come across such good looking water shoes ever; I keep getting compliments about them. The most striking part of this shoe is its appearance. It resembles a sneaker and can be easily mistaken for one making it suitable even for use on land. Need I mention they suit casual dressing too? This made it easy since I did not have to carry along my regular shoes. They are quick to dry scoring them an additional point since they quality for daily use. What I absolutely love is that they offer great traction and their sole leaves no marks. 

I would vote them as the best summer shoes since they have great breathability due to underfoot venting. This shoe is exactly what I wanted; the tight grip makes it good for hiking and boat riding or boat fishing. You can walk with them along the beach as well. The shipment is on time since my pair was delivered earlier than the estimated time. Like any ordinary water shoe, it is comfortable and light too. They are however not comfortable for long distance walking but aren’t they water shoes after all.


The out sole is made of rubber. In addition, it is unmarked providing friction and tight grip. This makes it suitable for aqua aerobics and exercises too. It is made of Eva mid sole that has dual density with the core being softer and a harder rim to enhance stability and comfort.

Light-weight thus conserves energy that would have otherwise been spent lifting a heavy shoe full of water. Breathability is due to the 360-degree ventilation. Moreover, for optimal fit and comfort, you can insert a stretchable heel.

Also, could be used for leisure walks.t can submerge and still drain. It is well-designed to drain since the sole has holes. They are quick to dry and have a great appearance since they resemble sneakers, therefore, there is no embarrassment at all when you put them on in public.

Climacool reduces building up of heat inside the shoes. Moreover, it is environmentally developed. The shoes are true to size and fit perfectly. Finally, it comes with a 6 months warranty offered by the manufacturer against workmanship defects and materials


Not suitable for use on uneven terrain. Lack a lot of cushions hence they are not 100% comfortable. Guards might come to consult with you for being in sneakers while around or in the pool and you will have to begin explaining to them.

Your feet will probably get cold while in these shoes. It is then recommended you put them on with NRS hydro skin socks.

3. Columbia Men's Bahama Vent PFG Slip-on Boat Shoes

On seeing this shoe I had to wave bye to my Sperry`s. I like keeping up with fashion and so I prefer being stylish even when putting on a water shoe. For me, this shoe fulfills my definition of stylish and classic design. More so, the color is great and does not fade at all, well, at least for my pair. I keep getting compliments on how cool the prints are. They fit perfectly and dry fast in less than an hour making them quite the catch for those who enjoy boat riding and boat fishing like I do. Breathability is enhanced since they have vents in them, which also serve for water drainage. I have owned the pair for about three months now and my heel remains protected, unlike most water shoes that cut up your heel leaving blisters. I feel quite comfortable in them and I would not mind ordering my second pair.


The out sole is made of rubber and is razer siped to increase the grip on wet surfaces. The midsoles are made of technique that is not only supportive but also cushioned providing comfort. It is made of leather that shows quality. Moreover, it is synthetic. It is a combination of leather on the upper and canvas.

It is light-weight and also dries fast that also makes it ideal for use in or on water since they support air flow and ease of water drainage. Besides being durable, they fit perfectly.

They have a classic design making them have a nice appearance. They are easy to put on since you just slip on. Moreover, they are affordable


This shoe lacks laces making it less convenient since its size cannot be adjusted. It has a loose heel and the color is likely to fade. Also, the stitching is prone to wear out as soon as 3 months of using the shoe.

4. Under Armour Men's Kilchis Shoes

I got a pair of these shoes for my brother who decided to venture in boat riding and fishing. My brother is choosy and this made me quite anxious since I did not know whether or not he would love them. True to say now he has trouble getting them off and putting on another pair. Not only does he use them for the boat only but I have spotted him putting them on for his morning run. He keeps saying how comfortable he feels in them. I did order his exact size and they did, in fact, fit in perfectly and they also hold up nicely. The shoes are durable since I have not heard any complaint about its stitching. He looks stylish when putting them on with casual wear making them serve as a water and land shoe. These shoes are exactly what I was hoping they would be for my brother. I am considering getting another pair for my son too.


These shoes are highly breathable and easily dry. In addition, they offer abrasion protection through synthetic overlays. They offer protection to your feet from scrapes and quick drainage since it is designed with a foot bed. The midsoles are contoured. These contours serve as a drainage holed to drain excess moisture.

Lightweight (6.6oz) and true to size and hence fit perfectly. This shoe uses Bungee lacing system making it easy for on and off. Also, it offers a perfectly secure fit. They are stylish making it have a good appearance.

Versatile since it can also be used for running. It is also compatible with casual wear. The shoe has an added advantage of being smell free. Moreover, it is comfortable with or without socks. The back heel tab is stretchily making it easy to put on and take off the shoe.


Quite expensive compared to other types of shoes. Narrow for those with wide feet. Also, the arch is too high for some. As much as the traction is good, it is easy for particles such as sand to get into the shoe due to the holes on the side and they lack simpler ways to get the pebbles out.

Not suitable for trekking on land and not fully waterproof. However, they still serve the purpose. They are also light and save you energy, yes, but also makes you feel the pebbles you are stepping on.

5. Aleader Men's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

I have had an interest in sailing since I was a young boy and my mother organized some sailing lessons for me. They have been going just fine but I was asked to buy some water shoes that would be steady, dry fast and offer traction. I went shopping on top e-commerce site and one look at this shoe was enough to make me buy them. Besides a great appearance, they have and the cushion makes you feel as though your legs are being massaged as you walk or exercise in them. The shoe fits perfectly, it did for me. The sole is made of rubber so the traction they provide is great. My heel remains un-rubbed by the way. The shoe is easy to clean up and quite light that I just feel like being in them all the time. Its quality is out of the question. They are exactly what I needed and I am working on getting my second pair in a different color. This shoe has made sailing a whole new experience.


Light-weight thus saves energy. Breathability is enhanced by the mesh on the upper side of the shoe. Also, breathability is further promoted by the sole since it has holes. Furthermore, it serves better for the summer.

Has a water drainage mechanism that avoids you being weighed down by water weight. It also makes the shoes dry quickly. Besides being durable, their mid soles are made of solute that excellently bounce back.

Versatile since it serves as an all-purpose shoe. It can also be used for surf fishing and fits perfectly due to its stitching support system, lateral contrast. Traction- It has strategically placed rubber pods that are placed for additional traction in high wear areas. This makes it ideal for use in wet slippery areas. Affordable since it costs less than 30 dollars.


You cannot put on fins while wearing them. The soles middle part is concave and this results to your foot being misaligned while walking on rough terrain. This may result to your ankle tilting outwards or inwards making walking uncomfortable. Not suitable for walking in the sand when the shoes are damp since they will pick up sand.

6. Sperry Top Sider Men's Sea Kite Sport Boat Shoe

I had absolutely no doubt purchasing them since I owned a pair of Sperry shoes before. This time, however, I needed a stylish waterproof boat shoe that would fit in right in my shorts and be light and comfortable too. I also focused on the traction while shopping. What made me purchase this shoe besides having been a Sperry loyal customer was because this shoe does have an arch. It is odorless and fits in just right. The shoe does not leave behind markings as some do. I needed a strong durable shoe and it is exactly what it is. It is breathable since it has vents thus I do not have to put on socks while in them. The shoe remains my favorite since it is affordable considering its quality. Also, it offers a tight grip. Compared to other Sperry`s that I have previously owned I would say this is the best of them all. Also, this boat shoe can serve as a regular shoe too so I can get off my boat and head for a date without looking awkward. The only problem is the leather on the upper of the shoe, which is prone to scratch but that can be easily solved by polishing. 


Water resistant and has a mesh at the top. Comfortable since their Eva mid sole is full length and compression molded. Also, the lining is made of soft fabric making it more comfortable. Breathability is enhanced by the air mesh on the upper part.

Versatile since it suits adventures of all sorts be it walking along the shore or wading in water.

The out sole is made of wave-siping rubber that ensures maximum traction on any surface be it dry or wet. This makes them suit the boast best when the waves get into the boat. They have a good appearance. They are made of leather and the sole is synthetic. The insole is not only padded but also removable. Besides being durable, the shoes are a perfect fit and smell free.


They may be narrow at first but with time they may stretch. The quality of the shoe has been in question since the seams split fast within less than 2 months. In addition to that, the shoe color fades fast.

Not quite breathable and the insoles are uncomfortable since they are neither smooth nor are they made of leather.

7. Rugged Shark Men's Tidalwave Boat Shoe

It is normal for some amount of water to get into the boat. Yes, I have bought boat shoes before that I thought were worth it but this shoe proved to be the real deal. Its grip is so firm; forget about the boat shoes that let you slip a little. I did not slip in this shoe no matter how wet the boat got. They appear to be of good quality judging from the stitching and material they are made of. I feel quite comfortable in the shoe and I wouldn’t mind wearing them all day long after all I do not get blisters. I have walked in the shoe too and it has served well too for a boat shoe. I will definitely buy one for my son who has taken interest in boating too.


It is of high quality making it durable. It has a perfect and firm fit with a 360-degree lacing. The shoe's insole, Eva insole, is well cushioned and compressed. Moreover, it absorbs shock too.

It’s out sole is made of rubber that increases traction. The out sole is made of Hexaslip that is slip resistant. True to the word they do not slip out at all.

The mid soles are made of Phylon, which is light. Easy to put on and breathable too.

Comfortable since it has a neoprene collar. The collar also makes it easy to slip into the shoe and take it off. Also, on the inside is foam lining that runs all the way from the heel to the toe


The colors of the shoe appear darker than they appear in the photo.

8. Teva Men's M Evo Water Shoe

For me, this shoe stands out because of the laces. Unlike other water shoes that may have poor lacing system, these shoe laces are on point and the shoe never gets loose hence you don’t have to keep stopping to adjust or retie the laces. I was a bit unsure when purchasing it since it looks quite rigid but I can assure you it feels more flexible than it actually appears. Compared to other boating shoes that I have owned, they feel lighter and more comfortable. I once tried to add arch support and the shoe was still comfortable. I do not regret a thing about them since they are versatile. I have gone hiking, boat riding and have traveled in them too, in my defense, they are easy to pack. They are attractive as well and I guess this shoe would serve just right. I have not owned the pair for long so I cannot comment on durability. With this shoe, the sizing is about small so when ordering considers adding half an inch to your actual size.


The outer sole is made of rubber, original spider rubber that is of high quality. The rubber provides a firm grip. The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic material and has a mesh.

Besides having a molded sock line, it has a lace closure too. Light making it energy conserving. It is flexible and still has a perfect fit. It has an adjustable hook making it comfortable. Also, it is comfortable when both wet and dry. Versatile since the shoes are also suitable for beach fishing, traveling, and hiking.


The shoe has a small tongue that makes it uncomfortable. Further discomfort is because it does not suit some orthotics. Compared to the other shoes previously discussed, they are less durable. They serve best for light users to ensure they last longer.

They are small in size hence when ordering considers adding half an inch. Ordering the exact size may leave you with blisters after your adventure.

9. Aleader Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoe

I can assure you these shoes dry fast, a maximum of 15 minutes. But it is not all about how fast they dry; it is also about how they look. They have this great classy look that makes me get a lot of compliments about them and it feels good too you know. I must admit when I bought these shoes I was unsure whether they would be right for me since I have sweaty feet and they sure did prove me right. The shoe is made of mesh at the top that makes them super breathable keeping my feet cool throughout. I enjoy the breeze I feel when I walk in them. They make it absolutely easy to walk in water and safe too in case there are rocks in the water. When I compare their cushion with running shoes, their cushion is better. This makes them quite comfortable. I love these shoes, they will absolutely serve the purpose be it kayaking or fishing or swimming in the river. If you are looking for water shoes that dry fast, then looks no further.


Dries quickly and are light-weight hence you get to save some energy. The out sole is made of rubber providing a tight grip. Traction is further supported by a cushioned out sole. You can then excellently perform your aerobic exercises without tripping.

Drainage is quick from the mesh to the outsole. The mesh offers breathability and durability too. Their mid sole is made of solute, a light material. Moreover, it offers to bounce back making the shoe last longer.

Breathability is further promoted by holes found in the sole, outer sole. They also fasten drying. Fits size and offers good support. The out sole does not leave marks or traces. Also, the sole is soft and flexible making it more comfortable even with stuck pebbles at the sole.


At time the tongue gets pushed in while putting on the shoe and the shoes are not suitable for hiking but best for short walks and walks along the beach

10. Salamon Men's Techamphibian 3 Cross Road Running

I prefer more challenging activity like walking in rocky areas, or in the least hiking. Well, normally the most important part of the shoe I go adventuring in is the traction. I need a shoe that will offer a good grip and keep me from tripping. I also appreciate a shoe that is breathable and light to reduce the energy I use. This shoe did not disappoint, it offered me that plus much more. It is convenient since it has a fold down heel. Besides they are comfortable and versatile enough for you to do your activities be or kayaking or even working. Their versatility extends to the style since they look good in casual wear too. I at times put them on around the house too. They are durable too. However, they are not odor free hence you have to powder them while putting them on. Great Shoe!


The shoe is made of mesh on the upper and the sole is mad of rubber. Its mid soles are made of molded Eva mid sole making it more comfortable. The collar is articulated. The shoe has lightweight and is breathable. Moreover, the shoe is attractive.


The shoe could be narrow when purchasing it. Also, the shoe should be powdered and dried otherwise it will stink

Our Top Choice; Merrel Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoe

When purchasing a water shoe the qualities that matter most are the grip and ability to dry fast. The shoes discussed above offer most of the qualities but Merrel men's all out blaze water sieve shoes stand out. They have a great appearance that suits casual dressing. It offers a steady grip and drains water fast too. Majority of the users have given positive recommendations about the shoe about comfortability and durability.

Final Verdict

Safety is a priority and as water sports are becoming popular, the necessity to own a pair of water shoes has risen. Generally a water shoe should be light, breathable and should dry quickly. From our ten recommended best water shoes be sure to choose the shoe that suits you best. Above we have discussed the best water shoe guides and their reviews. The shoes are versatile but have one major sport they suit most. If you need a boat shoe, Columbia Bahama PFG slip on boat shoes will be. Many prefer a boat shoe that doubles up as a regular shoe as well, i recommend Rugged Shark Men's Tidal Wav Boat shoe. If you enjoy hiking be sure to pick up Teva Men's M Evo Water Shoe. While Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water shoes are the best for fishing, Adidas Out door Men's Climacool Boat Lake Water Shoe should be your pick for kayaking.

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