Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats – Guide & Reviews

Anglers know the most out of fishing escapades depends on the quite environment to trap in more fish. Startling fish around you is just but the wrong move. Smart fishing is the thing.

Imagine going through all the hustle to achieve great results, only to realize your trolling motor for your pontoon boat, is not only so noisy but also doesn't even power so well and reduce the drag. This is the last thing you need in your day out fishing.

Trolling or fishing in the waters with your kayak or canoe is never complete without the right motor on your pontoon stern. Electrical ones tend to be the most preferred given they are less noisy, and costs in the long term are quite minimal.

Trolling motors cover long distances faster and saving time associated costs. To avoid standard trolling motors and go for those that can handle it all, takes a valuable analysis and cross check.

I suggest you take a closer look at the durability of your motor too to cut down costs of replacement in the long run. Advisably, performance should be part of the primary goal.

So, how about saving your precious time to best top trolling motors for your pontoon boat, to achieve exactly the high performance, just like you intended?

Recommended Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats​

Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 Pontoon Boat

Editor Rating:

I love this trolling motor simply because it is an ultra-quite one. This means you won't to startle away fish as you go about your casting in the waters.

More suited for freshwater fishing, the trolling motor boasts 68 lbs. thrust of a motor, best for boats weighing 3400lbs.

It comes with a quick release plate for you to easily remove your motor from the deck of your pontoon boat. For control, you will have an electronic means of steering.

The side to side steering foot pedal allows you effortlessly to control your speed level using a speed control knob. This makes it convenient for you to target effectively casting zones with more accuracy.


  • Ultra-quite for minimal fish startling
  • Has a battery system technology able to run 5 times longer on single charge
  • Has quick release lever for quick motor deployment
  • Comes with thrust of up to 68 pounds on a 48-inch shaft
  • Minimal friction bearing system for less spooking of fish


  • It doesn't have an in-built transducer mount on the front of the drive for those who might find this preference.
Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 54 Pontoon Boat

Editor Rating:

If you value quitter but powerful trolling motors, you have the Minn Kota Powerdrive V2 54 Pontoon Boat Trolling Motor.

This is highly credited to its indestructible composite shaft. The trolling motor boasts a shaft of 48 inches for 54 pound thrust in weight.

It brings you a great experience thanks to its quick release bracket, new pontoon hand control, and ergonomic foot pedal and deloy-assist lever. This will enable you to achieve more effective boat control, more balanced and accurate casting for high performance.

It implies you will also achieve maximum versatility in removing the motor off your pontoon boat after a hard day's work, within a short period.

The trolling motor is a great choice for those into freshwater fishing, courtesy of a reliable and extended battery life for the motor, able to do long time casting.


  • Embraces latest technological spin on classic functionality
  • Has an aluminum quick-release bracket
  • Comes with an extended battery life
  • Has a warranty


  • Not a great choice if you want to go salty water fishing

MinnKota Pontoon 55 Hand Conrol Boat

Editor Rating:

While in the lake you stand a chance to experience a more quiet and consistent performance with the MinnKota Pontoon 55 Hand Conrol Trolling Motor.

When it comes to mounting the trolling motor on the pontoon boat body, it is very quick and easy.

This saves your time as you concentrate on important matters ahead of your fishing escapade. The speed control is incredibly amazing, accompanied with the best steering, thanks to its hand control motor tilt twist tiller. You will also have a free up more on deck space, given its compact mount.


  • More quite for less spooking
  • Comes with a latch and door design for easier depth adjustment and motor removal
  • Great speed control on a five forward speed adjustment
  • Comfortable tilt twist tiller steering
  • Has a compact mount on your pontoon boat
  • Has a warranty


  • For newbies into trolling motors, it might take a little bit of time to adjust to its speed
Newport Vessels Electric Boat

Editor Rating:

Versatility combined with quality material construction is what you exactly get in this trolling motor.

I happen to fall for its design graphics, and they are an impressive engineering. If durability is your concern, this is an ultimate long lasting construction.

It can fit most inflatable boats of Newport including fishing boats, kayaks, dinghies, tenders, aluminum fishing boats and even inflatable with a transom.

For your top speed control, you will have a five forward speed and a three reverse speed for the best ride as you go about your day.

Expect also to benefit from a 55-pound thrust trolling on a three-blade propeller that is 10-inch in diameter for the maximum performance.


  • It's a transom mount motor by a 12-volt deep cycle battery
  • A quality material construction and great design
  • Can be fitted in most pontoon boats
  • It is a saltwater resistant
  • Great eight-speed on a five forward and three reverse adjustability
  • Has a 5 point LED battery meter


  • Doesn't come with a battery included
Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

Editor Rating:

Built with stainless steel hardware, composite fiberglass shaft, and a long lasting aluminum head, the Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor is an unrivaled durable construction, thanks to its intelligent crafting, value for your dollar.

I find it more convenient given you can adjust this trolling motor to fit all the small boats including the inflatable ones, courtesy of its adjustable 30-inch shat length. I find this one of the most user-friendly motors in waters today.

The thrust is 55lbs. for the best locomotion in the waters and on top of its eight-speed is a five forward speed plus a three reverse speed; you never have to be concerned of how to move your pontoon boat.


  • Can fit almost all small boats and other pontoon boats
  • Has a smooth run battery system on a 12-voltage
  • It is salt water resistant
  • Has 55lbs thrust
  • Light in weight for best portability
  • Has an indestructible motorhead


  • Doesn't come with a battery included

Considerations - Best Trolling Motor for Pontoon Boats

You need a powerful trolling motor with the right features for your fishing escapades. Take a sharper examination of the trolling motors aspects you ever should ignore if you are to get the best out of your trolling motor for your pontoon boat.

Power Of Motor

If your motor is more powerful, that is a step ahead of your anglers. More power is essential to drive your boat at distant water lengths and stay fishing for long without getting interrupted. Ensure you go for the trolling motor with the highest power.

Match the size of your boat to the required energy for your pontoon boat trolling motor. Remember, the bigger the motor or long hours of fishing, the more energy you will need


Trolling motors given the fact that they use electricity, it all comes from its battery. Getting a different battery for powering the motor and another for starting an engine is a great idea.

This will enable you even after draining your battery after that long day adventure to reach home your fish without any hick ups. You dot want a situation you can't even start the engine and your day isn't even done.

Check on multiple deep-cycle batteries to supply power continuously to the trolling motor. It is a better way of powering preparedness. Get even extra two to three batteries.

Means Of Steering

Do you prefer a tiller handle, foot pedal or those controllable by just foot? What your suits your boat specifications and your preferences are very important. But it's vital to remember, tiller steers are easier to install and even remove.

Foot controllable motors are also better given you have more concentration on fishing than steering for best fishing results. Trolling motors able to steer the boat without your control are even better.

Thrust Force

The pounds of thrust of your trolling motor are pivotal to propel forward your pontoon boat. A typical 12 voltage trolling motor could consume up to 720 watts for a 60A motor.

Go for a high voltage to obtain a higher amount of thrust. Avoid low thrust trolling motors, since you need to keep your boat in better position for great casting all the way.

Trolling Motor Size

If you get a motor size that is big, that is more preferable, more especially if you also happen to have a bigger boat.

Don't forget though that a strong motor runs more effectively at lower speeds with a more enhanced safety counter to the waves, wind, and even currents.

Other Factors To Consider

  • General ratings
  • Shaft length
  • Minimal vibration of battery
  • Spill-proof of battery to prevent leakage
  • Charger for your batteries
  • Positioning of your motor on the pontoon boat
  • Boat weight about that required of your trolling motor
  • Fishing conditions
  • Amount of sound produced by the motor, the lesser, the better

Final Verdict

Any angler is spoilt for choice if your primary concern is high performance and versatile functionality. Ensure you get a trolling boat easy to carry and mount on your pontoon boat. I will recommend confidently any of these trolling motors to any novice at any time since they are reliable.

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