Best Pontoon Boat Covers in 2022– Guide & Reviews

A boat perseveres a lot; from fluctuations of weather conditions to human and animal related negative effects on its body.

Therefore, retaining the quality and finish of the body of your body can be so compelling. Your boat needs great care always to serve you better. It is your water buoyancy baby. I love the experience the boats throw into our lives.

Changes in temperature, atmospheric moisture content, and variations in water bases weather conditions; all this can have negative effects on the body of your boat. Not to mention, a salty environment, excreta from animals, muck and your boat can take it all.

This is why getting yourself a great pontoon boat cover is so vital, to avoid preventable corrosion, body parts oxidation, cracks, rusting, uncleanliness, short-lividness, erosion or fading of the fine finish and many other negative effects that might occur to your dear boat.

A boat can be pricey and proper maintenance it is the core attention to getting your share worth its value. I tend to believe it is everything after you have bought it.

We all appreciate anyway; our boats can keep safe a lot of stuff protecting us from the rain and keep safe its components in the process too, like the electrical parts among other things. So, I save your much-needed extra energy to close in on the best Pontoon Boat Cover with zero regrets.

Recommended - Best Pontoon Boat Covers

NEH® Heavy Duty Waterproof Gray Cover

Editor Rating:

I like the fact that this waterproof boat cover will ensure your body parts are kept off water to avoid that unneeded rusting, corrosion and other effects on its body.

It also features the ability to withstand UV light effects for a long period.

We all like when tightening the boat covers, a tight grip that is well fitting. The Neh® heavy duty waterproof gray pontoon cover comes with secure fitting for a reliable protection of your boat.


  • It is waterproof
  • Can last long thanks to its UV treatment
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • For secure fitting, it comes with a heavy duty shock cord hem
  • Has a quick snap strapping system for that fast and much easier fitting


  • Not a great choice for transporting heavy goods
  • It doesn't have support poles
Yescom18-20ft Pontoon Boat Cover

Editor Rating:

Do you need a boat cover that epitomizes durability and sustainable performance? This boat cover will deliver this and more. 

Suitable for a 17-inch and 20-inch length size of your pontoon boat, ii also comes with a maximum beam size of 96-inches.

The tie-down strap is a 62.3-inch length. I love the fact that this boat cover comes with a storage bag, for safety and avoiding unnecessary cleaning. It is equally portable too.

Expect to have a quick release buckle and a strap system plus a double stitched seam and elastic hem, so you assured of faster usage of the boat cover and dependable fabric material.

Impressively, it is resistant to mildew and that effect on fabrics from the long exposure to UV damaging effects. This implies you won't have it fading quickly, shrink or even stretch.


  • Has a PU coating technology for the best water resistance
  • It's a universal fit boat cover
  • Resistant to UV and mildew effects
  • Comes with a quick-release buckle and strap system


  • Doesn't have great performance as a waterproof fabric

MSC Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover

Editor Rating:

If there is any boat cover that will cover you for real, it is the MSC Trailerable Pontoon Boat Cover.

It is made of 300D polyester, implying it will last for a long time and your mooring. Boldly go to any destination counting on this boat cover, thanks to its PU coating.

Worried about that mildew effects on your boat parts? You shouldn't anymore; this pontoon boat cover is mildew resistant and UV-coated to also avoid the ugly shrinking and stretching characterized by standard fabrics.

As if that is not enough, you will have adjustable straps plus quick release buckles, implying you can save time as well as you go about using your boat. For the ultimate tight and custom fit, it comes with an elastic cord sewn together into the entire bottom hem.


  • It comes with a canvas storage bag
  • Resistant to mildew and UV damage
  • Comes with a warranty
  • A durable material made of marine grade polyester


  • Not a great very long time resistance to fading
Pyle Armor Shield Trailer Guard Boat

Editor Rating:

This happens to be my preferred choice among these great pontoon boat covers. You can count on its longevity.

The cover is portable for best storage. Do you need a boat cover that can face any weather adversities?

Go for this boat cover given it is custom sized for convenient fitting and to safeguard your boat from the rain, dust, scratches.

Thanks to its tough polyester Hurricane fabric specifically well-designed for durability and improved weather protection. For more, the pontoon boat cover resists mildew and UV damage. It fits so well in any popular pontoon boat three sizes.


  • It comes with a warranty
  • Resistant to mildew and UV damage
  • Long lasting material construction
  • A custom fit boat cover


  • Can't be used for extremely big boats
Classic Accessories Stellex Boat Cover

Editor Rating:

I love the idea of using a tough fabric on the Classic Accessories Stellex Pontoon Boat Cover. It enables it to last for a long time and withstand the adverse weather effects.

This is why it is also able to resist mildew and those UV lights damaging effects, throughout the weather seasons.

You don't need too to be concerned if the birds will step on it and rip it off. It is strong enough to overcome such wear and tear exposures. You will find its transom flap and elastic cord great to tighten and achieve a custom fit.

You don't have to pull out or scratch the grommets because the rope is attached to rugged non-scratch D-ring for your convenience. The pontoon boat cover can fit most of your pontoon boats as well.


  • The fabric is a long lasting craft
  • Resistant to mildew and UV damage
  • Can withstand wear and tear from birds
  • Has reliable tightening for great stability


  • The boat cover isn't trailerable

Considerations - The Best Pontoon Boat Covers

You need the best in your pontoon boat cover, save on costs and ensure your boat cover can stand up to most of what might affect your boat negatively. Be keen on this;

Material Of Cover

The materials used to make your pontoon boat cover should be of quality. Ensure you get a waterproof cover to cushion and protect you from the rain and adverse weather effects.

The fabric used should not allow water through. Water on parts of the body can cause rusting and corrosion damaging it and even worse, making its use risky.

Tying Strings

To make your boat covering task a fine finish, tying strings should be part of your boat cover. Ensure they embrace great strength and can withstand weather conditions without getting weak for the best tying.

Size Of Your Boat

You don't want to buy a pontoon boat cover that is too big or too small for your boat. If you can get the boat cover that is an adjustable size, this is more preferable. But if you want a specific measure of the boat cover, know the size of your boat for a match.


You can also call them seams; where the cover of your boat starts untying from or the parts that come together to when folding up your boat cover. Check whether your seams are crafted well to help in folding up or untying more convenient for you, especially when you want to do it quick.

Type Of Fitting Of Boat Cover

You will come across universal, custom and even semi-custom boat covers. Universal boat covers tend to a little bit cheaper and can be used in a variety of identical boat sizes. They are designed for light jobs.

Custom boat covers tend to fit in so well, but can be pricey. Semi-custom boats emerge as the most preferable to some, given their affordability and still serve their purpose better just like custom boat covers.

Other Tips

  • Storability
  • Cost and affordability
  • Great perseverance of boat cover on UV light for long
  • Breathability of fabric for those in humid locations to avoid mold growth and mildew accumulation on fabric.
  • The resistance of fabric like those made from polyester coating to counter snow and heavy downpour effects.
  • Top abrasion and strength for trailering and mooring
  • More layering of your pontoon boat cover for superior UV resilience and water resistance to prevent rusting and other negative effects on your boat.

Final Verdict

Don't be distracted by the price factor if the quality is your prime consideration. Maintenance of your pontoon boat cover is core to its long-term best performance.

Be keen to get a warranty for your piece if you intend to be more prepared, just in case you want more information or attention concerning your best pontoon boat cover.

I suggest you go for any of these incredible covers for your boat at any given time. Your boat safety is vital.

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