5 Best Luxury, High Performance Pontoon Boats for 2022 – Guide & Reviews

I love taking my family out on weekends and holidays. We had done a lot of camping and hiking until everybody was bored. I had to look for an alternative, and what crossed my mind was spending time on the water.

Since I wasn’t from a boating family, I had to start looking the best boat from scratch. My wife and I researched and we found the pontoon boats to be a great deal. We selected the best luxury pontoon boat, though we had to spend quite some money.

One thing that I love with the boats is that they are ideal for families especially if you have kids. Pontoon boats are also excellent when it comes to skiing and fishing.

As compared to other types of boats, I found the pontoon boats very comfortable and easy to maintain, not to mention their durability.

For those families or friends who are planning to have a luxurious time on the water, I have provided you with some amazing luxury pontoon boats reviews that you can check. These are incredible and stable products that give you the opportunity to have the best time on the waters.

Recommended - The Best Luxury Pontoon Boats

Outcast Pac 1200 Pontoon Boat

Editor Rating:

Outcast PAC 1200 Pontoon Boat is built to help you maneuver the waters stealthily.

It is a stable two-person boat that will help fish big waters with more comfort and stability. Here are its features;

It is assembles using 37 ounces 1670 denier PVC fabric on the surface and 43 ounce 1670 denier base fabric on the base making it strong and durable. It also makes it reliable and able to take on hard waters and ensures you and your equipment don't end up in water.

It emits undoubtedly power because it has two urethane air chambers featuring top-quality Leafield valves. Boat has a lightweight aluminum frame for unmatched rigidity. The eleven piece aluminum frame can break down, making transportation a breeze.

It's unique as it has a split frame that permits the boat to be used either as a solo or a tandem. This eliminates the need of having two boats or having to fish without your buddy.

For fishing trips that are bound to take up time or even days, the front seat pedestal can be replaced with a cooler and a tray. This creates more room on the boat.

It is also ideal for your fishing desires since it comes equipped with a casting platform and a stripping basket for sight casting.


  • It folds up and stores with limited room
  • It's lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Urethane bladder locks air in for years of reliability
  • Has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty on urethane bladders.


  • Installation is time-consuming. 3.5 hours averagely
Sea Eagle Green 375fc FoldCat Fishing Boat

Editor Rating:

One of the main concerns people have about a pontoon boat is the toughness of the pontoon material.

This boat is made of 1,000 denier material. This material makes it durable and stable.

It is simple to fold. It features a patented folding frame and the carrying case straps around the boat, so you don't have to slide the folded boat into the carrying case.

It has five aluminum cross supports that span the width of the boat (4'6″). They support the seats and provides places to step. When fully inflated, lightweight aluminum cross boards and underbars combine to create a rigid fishing platform.

This gives at least two anglers (fishermen who use a hook and a line) ideal space to stand and cast in all directions.

The boat also features a fabric floor that prevents gear from falling into the water, but the floor is not designed to hold a person's weight.

It has a full floor, so you have far more useable space than ordinary pontoon boats. This gives you the chance to carry more fishing tackle and supplies.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy to assemble (5-10 minutes)
  • Full floor safety net
  • Sits high and stable in water, there is very little rocking
  • Super strong oars and oar locks
  • Four conveniently located carry handles


  • The 12 foot 4-inch pontoon does not have as much room as a traditional 14-16 foot John boat
  • Could be unstable on a large reservoir if you don't have a motor

Outcast Pac 1200 Pontoon Boat

Editor Rating:

It has a dark green color, to blend in with the water where you most want to fish.

It features a comfortable rowing position in the rear and a casting platform for anglers in front.

This helps fish bigger waters with more comfort, stability. Remove the front frame module for use as a one-person boat.

It is assembles using 37 ounces 1670 denier PVC fabric on the surface and 43 ounce 1670 denier base fabric on the base making it strong and durable.


  • Dark green color blends in with the water perfectly
  • Lightweight
  • Folds up and stores with limited room
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty on urethane bladders
  • Plenty of storage space for multi-day trips to remote areas


  • Installation is time-consuming
Outcast Pac 1400 Pontoon Boat

Editor Rating:

One great benefit includes the great warranty from a division of AIRE, known for the production of the best watercraft in the industry.

These boats are suitable for professional guides who want to the best. Safest inflatable boat for their clients.

Or for any angler who desires state-of-the-art equipment when out on the water. Outcast PAC 1400 can seat up to three anglers, and come system-ready for adding a motor mount and an anchor.

It comes with a 10-year warranty that takes care of repairs, material, and labor. Inflatable fishing boats that offer front and rear stand-up fishing decks and a raised seat for the river guide for better sight lines.

Additionally, it has a sturdy 10-piece aluminum frames alongside with two stand-up fishing platforms located front and rear. It features reinforced urethane tubes made with puncture and tear-resistant, 1670-denier PVC fabric, and bonded with thermo-welded seams.

The watertight zippers on the tubes are strong and of recommended inflation pressure. Four one-way Leafield valves prevent accidental deflation of the tubes, and the self-bailing inflatable floor drains water in about 5 seconds.


  • Fast, performance-oriented boat
  • Fastest bailing floor in the market
  • Quality Construction and Materials
  • Seats more anglers
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Have optional accessories: raft floor, fly rod holders
  • Large storage capacity for coolers, and other gear


  • The high profile makes them vulnerable to wind
Orvis Outcast Striker Raft Package

Editor Rating:

Explore and fish more water with the Outcast Striker inflatable fishing raft package.

Stealth trips to the river deserve this top quality inflatable raft. Designed for two, and with minimal set-up time, you'll be out of the truck and in the water in a heartbeat, and two people can easily carry it.

Minimalistic aluminum frame and inflatable lean bar reduce setup time so that you can have more time on the water.


  • Lightweight raft fits inside a backpack when deflated
  • Minimalistic frame and inflatable lean bar reduce setup time
  • Two folding, padded seats add comfort
  • Two 7-ft. Two-Piece oars combine with frameless oar stands for a strong stroke.
  • Integrated Gear System adds seven accessory positions


  • Take time to inflate and assemble, about 20-30 minutes, which cuts into valuable fishing time.
  • Aren't quite as good in really heavy water due to the center of gravity being higher.

Things To Consider - The Best Luxury Pontoon Boats

Ease Of Use/Maintenance

Most pontoons boats are designed with quality aluminum, so they dent much easier than they tear. So pick a pontoon boat that won't tear easily and is easy to maintain.


With a large area and comfortable couches to sit on, it's tough to beat the comfort of a pontoon boat. Some models consider comfort like having padded seats.


A pontoon boat is much safer because there are fewer "don't go there" areas on the boat. Some are fenced in with high side rails, so people and equipment are less likely to fall out. Some have a safety net that will prevent your equipment from falling into the water.


If you are a beginner to boating or fishing, this might look like a minor benefit. But for those who have been into boating for any amount of time you understand the importance of having ample storage on the boat.

Use Of The Boat

The pontoon boat of your choice should answer the question, ‘What do you want your boat to do?' If you want a little bit of everything, choose a boat that is good for fishing, skiing, etc.

The platform of some models adds something to fishing and skiing that makes it an excellent ski boat and an excellent fishing boat.

For skiing, consider a pontoon boat fits many. For fishing consider a boat is stable so it doesn't spook fish, has ample room to walk around the boat to fish in different locations.


If it's not roomy enough, that can cause discomfort. If it's too roomy that can cause you to feel slowed down and bulky. Pontoon boats commonly hold up to 11 or more passengers, so you pick a size that is spacious enough to suit your needs.


Warranty is a safeguard against losing money unnecessarily. Most of these have a warranty of up to 10 years that covers repairs, material, and labor, so it is important to put that in mind.

Final Verdict

All of these boats are bound to improve your fishing and other water experiences in one way or the other. Your boat can greatly impact your enjoyment while out in the water.

However, there are always alternatives, and there's a boat out there that can provide and fix all your boating annoyances.

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