Best Fishing Pontoon Boats in 2022 – Guide & Reviews

Fishing is more interesting with the introduction of fishing pontoon boats. Pontoon fishing boats come with enhanced features to ensure the angler has the right environment which is conducive for their activity.

Many anglers experience a hard time moving from website to the other looking for a perfect pontoon fishing boat. I’m here to rescue your situation.

After doing my research, I have gathered the best fishing pontoon boats on the market designed to give you with an incredible fishing.

Read through our reviews of the best picks as well as our buyers guide so that you can find it pretty easy to select what suits you well.

Recommended Best Fishing Pontoon Boats

Seamax Ocean 320 Inflatable Boat

Editor Rating:

This boat is big enough with a maximum carrying capacity of 4 people. The dimensions of the Seamax ocean boat are; overall length of 10.5 feet, beam 5 feet with inner measurements of 7.6 feet by 2.2 feet.

To suit individual tastes of potential buyers the boat is available in various colors such as red and dark gray.

The material used to construct the Seamax is of high quality and standards which ensure its performance is unquestionable and it is also tough.

The Seaman ocean boat is heavy-duty which makes one feel the real value for their money. Lots of features have been incorporated in this boat to keep it at the top.

For instance, the whole boat is made from Marine-grade PVC coating fabric which is tough and resistant to certain things within the aquatic environment.

While the bottom of the entire Seaman ocean boat is 1.22mm thicker than the rest of the areas of the boat. The extra thickness safeguards the boat from destruction by objects like rocks.

To further ensure the durability and to some extent safety of the boat, there is a boat repair kit which has all essentials needed to repair the boat during emergencies.


  • Very stable
  • Functional
  • Durable
  • Big load capacity
  • Resistant to shock


  • Heavy
  • A bit expensive
Pelican Bass Raider 10E Fishing Boat

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Everything about the pelican bass raider is different from the other pontoon fishing boats. It measures 122 by 20.8 by 50 inches with a weight of 145 pounds.

The features on this boat are complex and propel it to give its best.

The boat is powered by either electric or sonar motor. The motor eases and gives the boat faster movement on the water. Storage has been catered for to the maximum with the availability of multiple compartments which can be used to store things.

The feature that stands out is the tri-keeled hull which ensures there is excellent tracking and also minimizes side slipping. Also to ensure great stability the pelican bass raider boat was fitted with a beam.

All these features have a specific purpose as briefly elaborated above. The pelican bass raider 10e fishing boat is my best choice because it can never disappoint.

The toughness of its material makes it withstand all the tough obstacles such as narrow or tricky water paths. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this boat at number 8.


  • Durable
  • Fast and powerful
  • Decent storage space
  • Stable
  • Safe enough


  • Oars are a heavy
  • Comfort not given a priority

Bris 10.8 Feet Inflatable Fishing Boat

Editor Rating:

It is simple and relatively affordable, but the performance of the bris 10.8 pontoon boat is what makes be ranked among the best. It measures 44.5 by 24.4 by 15 inches with a weight of 132 pounds.

To assure buyers of the high quality of the product the manufacturers ensure it comes with a two-year warranty.

When you see the bris fishing dinghy tender pontoon boat for the first time, all you see is class and simplicity. Well for starters it can carry a maximum of five people comfortably.

Due to its ability to access remote impassable areas the bris pontoon boat has gained popularity by being used as an emergency boat for lifesaving missions. The boat is made from denier PVC fabric with aluminum floor board and marine plywood transform.

PVC material is tough and durable which means the whole boat will last for longer. The floor of the boat is extra thick by about 12.5 mm, and it is made from aluminum. This ensures that the underlying side of the boat is safe at all times.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Long lasting
  • Relatively affordable


  • Small thus less carrying capacity
  • Less storage space
  • Safety not prioritized
Sea Eagle Green 375 fc Cat Fishing Boat

Editor Rating:

Of all the pontoon boats I have highlighted, the sea eagle inflatable fold cat comes first on my list. It makes the angler's life easier with lots of comfort.

The unique thing about is the existence of the folding system that can be inflated and assembled in a record of 5 minutes.

To facilitate its propulsion in water, the boat uses a small electric motor or a gas motor. The sea eagle fold cat fishing boat measures about 53 by 17 by 11 inches with a weight of 157 pounds. Surprisingly it can carry a maximum of two adults.

Among its special features is the two swivel seats that allow the anglers on board to turn in any direction and follow the fish wherever they swim. To ensure the angler is comfortable, the swivel seats offer plenty of back support and generous cushions.

The deal is further sweetened by the availability of a three-year warranty for this product. The Sea eagle fold cat fishing boat has everything an angler needs on a boat.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Very fast
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Stable


  • Low on storage
  • Not safe
Aleko 8.4 Feet Gray Inflatable Boat

Editor Rating:

The attracting factor is the price tag it has. The Aleko inflatable raft sport motor fishing boat is quite affordable.

It weighs 109 pounds and measures 45 by 27 by 12 inches. The only thing that places it among the best regardless of its price is its high performance.

The Aleko fishing boat is tested and designed for both 15-inch short shaft outboards and 20-inch long shaft. Safety is a top priority on this boat, which is why there is a safety valve that helps to prevent inflation.

Part of the package that comes with the boat after purchase consists of a carrying and storage bag, pre-packed repair kit and oar locks and handlers. For durability, the floor of the Aleko inflatable boat is made of aluminum which is 1.2 mm thicker.

The overall material of the boat is polyester reinforced and anti-corrosive coated PVC. For those on a tight budget, this is the ultimate fishing that I would recommend you try out.


  • Long lasting
  • Safety is enhanced
  • Very stable
  • Compact
  • Good load capacity
  • Affordable


  • Heavy
  • Not enough space for the angler

Considerations - The Best Fishing Pontoon Boat

Don’t just jump into any fishing pontoon boat that you come across. Read this buyers guide, and you will get yourself a perfect fishing boat with all admirable features.


Size does matter when it comes to making a good choice for a fishing boat. First of all, it depends on with where you want to go fishing as in is the area accessible by all sizes of fishing boats.

Secondly, the size matter concerning what you want to bring on board or how many anglers are going to be on board. Once the buyer gets to make up his or her mind on those two factors, then the matter of size would be a thing of the past.


Storage space is essential for those going out to fish. The potential buyer should ensure that he or she inquiries about the storage space and facilities that a fishing boat has to offer before making a decision.

Since the angler will need somewhere to put the fish and other essential stuff used for fishing. Not all boats have storage spaces, but the majority have storage spaces in areas such as behind the seat.


The tougher the material used to make the fishing boat the longer it will last. The buyer should get to know what type of fishing boat they need regarding material having in mind the capacities of the various materials used in boat making.

These types of boats are designed to go into tougher environments, for instance, the rocky areas in water where the bigger boats cannot reach.


Here each and every individual has to go out on a personal basis. First, settle on how much you are willing to spend on purchasing a fishing boat.

After doing that the buyer can note the specifics that he or she wants in a fishing boat then compare them with the above highlighted best of the best products. Like I have highlighted there is best fishing boats that are affordable and yet still quite performing.

Final Verdict

All that is required is vast information concerning the fishing boats. Once you have the knowledge and technical know-how, everything else will fall into place. I would vouch for all of the fishing boats I have highlighted if the buyer wants a fishing experience like no other.

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