10 Best Luxury Boating Destinations In The USA


If you want to present yourself with a chance of taking a splurge and relaxing while boating out in the blue you don’t need to step out of the country. Nine-tenths of the whole population of the United States Of America live close to a stretch of water be it a free flowing lake or a wavy ocean. Multiple cities in the United States have splendid boating destinations with superb facilities and the majority of those also host many adventure sports. From the relaxing island of Kauai to Marina del Rey which is extremely popular among yachters, the country hosts some of the world’s best boating destinations. Taking the reader’s point of view into perspective we have created a list of the ten most beautiful boating destinations across the country, read on further to know more about them.


Maui – Hawaii



Maui is the perfect middle ground for travelers across the world. In size Maui is neither as large as the Big Island nor as small as Lanai, while it is more vibrant than Kauai, Maui is certainly on the quieter side when compared to islands like Oahu. Hawaii visitors love Maui as it presents a total picture of the Aloha State with stunning wildlife and impressive beaches. When on a vacation to Maui one can enjoy dance moves with the traditional hula dancers, special sea food comprising of multiple fishes and the sun at stunning beaches in Hawaii.

Located between the Big Island and Molokai, Maui presents the visitors boating opportunities with splendid sights of the sea and coastal fairways.


Marina del Rey – California



At the south end of the Santa Monica and Venice beach, and only four miles from LAX lies the greatest man made boat harbour in the planet. The harbour contains nineteen marinas, multiple parks and beaches, restaurants and all the amenities that one can ask for in a vacation. It is favourite spot for both boaters and water lovers.

The place is packed with adventures for surfers and it is one of the most vibrant spots in Los Angeles. While exciting surfers catch your attention don’t forget to keep an eye out for the colourful jugglers and magicians. The muscle beach is also an attraction for people as it was there that the legendary body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger once trained.


Newport – Rhode Island



One of the most reputed boating destination in the area of New England is Newport. The port for the famous international yachting competition America’s cup is not only famous for hosting the event but also for the boating facilities that the place offers. Boating enthusiasts all over the globe visit Newport for trying out the boating facilities and enjoy the calmness of the sea.

Booking a private charter in Newport across the sea allows the visitors to enjoy splendid sights and it is one of the most popular activities among travellers that visit Newport.


Key West – Florida




Key West is a very loved spot of all serious yachters and boaters across the globe. Blessed with the best sunset in whole of North America, Key West enchants its visitors with the splendid sights and sunset cruising is very famous among travellers and tourists. The laidback lifestyle of the place encourages the boaters to carry on in their style.

Whether you have a big sailboat or none at all, Key West is the place for you. While the Conch Harbour Marina is present for anchoring your sailboats the Key West Charter Boat Association which hosts the largest collection of boats, lends boats to travellers and tourists who are without one.


Lake Havasu – Arizona




Rapidly developing as a prominent area for boaters, Lake Havasu is an expansive repository amidst the Arizona desert in Mojave County with 60 miles of waterways ahead of it. Boaters can discover shrouded bays, sandbars, shorelines and the famous London Bridge.

In the previous decade, Lake Havasu has developed a religious after among spring breakers. Never ending parties attracts a young crowd that dominates the area throughout the year. The other reasons for the attraction is the lake’s warm temperature and multiple party-boats that are available on rents.


Fort Lauderdale – Florida



With over twenty five miles of beach in the town, water is the common denominator in the lives of the people at the town. The place is referred to as the Venice of America’ for the three hundred miles of inland waterways that are present in the town. The sunny city hosts more than forty thousand yachts and the fact rightfully makes the place the yachting capital of the world.

Activities like scuba diving, snorkelling around the coral reefs keep the boaters busy as while enjoy the city and the beaches.


Seattle – Washington




Though the weather is dim and damp but the absence of the sun does not discourage boaters from visiting Seattle. It will always be very destination for boaters. There are many miles of sea encompassed by the excellent scene of the Olympic and Cascade mountains.

Numerous occupants sail on boats from their waterfront homes to work in the city. Cruising has been a top activity for quite a long time in Seattle, which has more luxury boats for every single person than any other place in the United States. Sailing centers and docks are encompassed by parks, so it is green all around.


Catalina Island – California




Just twenty two miles from the south west of Los Angeles lies a boating spot that is very popular among divers, sailors and all types of visitors. Though very close to the mainland the Catalina Island suts the clamor and din of everyday life. The sunken ships, plane wrecks and the diverse marine life fills up the clear water. Glass bottom boats offer tourists the chance to live in the sea and charter yachts allows the visitors to enjoy the sights while sailing.

A small village called Two Harbors is also a famous boating spot for the facilities they offer.


Port Townsend – Washington




Port Townsend is a definitive place for cruising, sculling and water games of assorted types. Washington’s Victorian Seaport and Arts Community is arranged ideally on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which means there’s quite often wind that gives perfect conditions to cruising. The area hosts a wide exhibit of marine life, including different sorts of whales like orcas, minke and dim whales and also porpoise, otters, sea lions and harbor seals. Encompassed by water on three sides, along with the stupendous Olympic Mountains gives the place a sensational view. Port Townsend additionally hosts the yearly Wooden Boat Festival the end of the week after Labor Day, drawing drifting lovers from around the globe.


Tampa Bay – St Petersburg




The state’s largest estuary offers the best boating facilities in the whole of Florida. Tampa which is extremely close to the city of St Petersburg, has all the amenities that a tourist can desire for. But the bay is actually popular for it’s hidden bays and waterways that are an absolute asset to the Bay. Famous boating spots as Beer Can Island, Shell Key, Egmont Key are all around the place.

The sugar sand beaches of Caladesi Island is just a few minutes away. Tampa Bay is also very famous as it is connected to other islands like Anna Maria Island, Sarasota etc which makes it very easy for the tourists to access.

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